Adding some citrus to your diet

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) - Spring and summer are just around the corner so that means it's the perfect time to freshen your day with some fruit. Jordan McCool learned from a guest how to help you "squeeze" the day.

Lucky's Market even offers all kinds of citrus including some unique ones like finger limes, blood oranges, pumelos, and more.

Experts say when most people think of the benefits of citrus fruits, they site immune-boosting vitamin C as a benefit, but there are many more reasons you should be adding more citrus to your diet:
-good source of fiber and potassium
-good for your heart
-may help shorten colds
-might keep skin looking young

To add more citrus to your diet, experts say to squeeze the juice or grate the zest on foods, use the citrus juice as a base for a dressing or sauce, or add lemon or orange slices to your water or tea.

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