Aggressive driver violations on the rise during the summer

Image License<br />Cropped Photo: Robert Jack / CC BY-SA 2.0<br />License Link
Image License<br />Cropped Photo: Robert Jack / CC BY-SA 2.0<br />License Link(WEAU)
Published: Jul. 7, 2016 at 6:24 PM CDT
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Summertime for a lot of people means vacations, barbecues and road trips. With all those extra drivers on the road, Florida Highway Patrol says the number of aggressive drivers goes up as well.

No doubt we've all experienced aggressive driving, whether we're the aggressive driver, or the person he or she cuts off or tailgates.

"Everybody's got somewhere to go. They want to go on their own timeline," said Florida Highway Patrol Sergeant Elmore. "That typically leads to people getting into conflicts on the roadway."

So what exactly is aggressive driving?

"Typically it's two or more violations, either speed, changing lanes, violation of a traffic control device which is stop signs, red lights," said Sgt. Elmore.

But the most dangerous violation of them all?

"Following too close is the number one that we see that actually creates problems with other drivers when it comes to aggressive driving."

It's dangerous Sgt. Elmore says because it can start conflicts between drivers. He said it's not uncommon for the conflicts to escalate to people pulling out guns.

FHP calls especially busy areas "hot spots" for aggressive driving. The hot spots in are area are mostly Back Beach, Middle Beach and Front Beach Roads.

So far this year FHP reports 67 citations for aggressive driving in Bay County. Sgt. Elmore says the best thing people can do when they encounter an aggressive driver is to be patient.