Alaqua Animal Refuge holds adoption fair

WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Cars were lined up down the street at Alaqua Animal Refuge for their half-price adoption fair.

Alaqua Animal Refuge is holding an adoption fair to make room for all the pets they rescued from a hoarding case (WJHG/WECP).

People from near and far came to see the dogs rescued from a hoarding case in Holmes County.

As of Saturday, one week into the half-priced adoptions, only 60 dogs remain at Alaqua.

"So many people are interested in this case, there's so many nice dogs, we knew that we would be able to try to adopt them out locally in our community," said Laurie Hood, Founder, Alaqua Animal Refuge.

Since Alaqua is a no-kill refuge, when they have big rescues like this, it puts a strain on their resources. Alaqua was expecting about 60 dogs from that case in Holmes County, but they ended up with more than 150. They even had to move horses to another spot on their property just to make room.

In addition to forever homes, many of these dogs need "foster to care" families to take them in while they're getting their heartworm treatment.

"The biggest help we can get is looking for people that can foster those, those guys are going to have to go through treatment, they're going to need to be in a calm, cool environment," said Alissa Parsons, Outside Manager, Alaqua Animal Refuge.

Alaqua managers say they've already seen a great amount of support from the community.

"They're all just so sweet and they all just need a loving home, so it's way better to adopt, not shop," said Julie Price, adoption applicant.

Local businesses also came out to support.

"You always see things on the news in our community and say well how can I help, what can I do for this, and you know as a small business, I said, this is how I can help," said Chef Guillermo Dovalina III, Dovalina's Pizza.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering, go to for information.

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