Arnold golf alum Lindsey Harrison's making a name in collegiate golf

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WJHG/WECP) - "I've grown as a person and a golfer."

Arnold alum Lindsey Harrison is one of the top female golfers to come out of our area.

"Checking my target, looking at my ball, making sure that I'm lined up perfectly," Lindsey Harrison, Troy golf/Arnold alum explains. "Just kinda swinging."

The rising junior dominated her first two years playing at Troy and is the defending champ of the Southeastern Collegiate Golf Tour.

"I know I shot even total," Harrison said. "But it was definitely a good tournament for me to kind of carry on into the season and get a little more confidence."

Harrison shot a even par 216, beating her teammate by one stroke in the Hardee's Collegiate Players Championship at Perdido Bay.

"I always heard if you play with the best, you become more like them," Harrison said.

And there's a lot that has changed since her Arnold days.

"I've learned a lot," Harrison said. "You see all these LPGA players, and all these other D1 college girls you're playing with and they're not out there slamming clubs or anything like that. So once you get to a more competitive level, you start to really become more mentally stable. And I believe that's what really helped me the past two years for sure."

It also helps taking your iron every day.

"Golf is, it's a year-round sport," Harrison said. "You don't stop at all. I mean the only time I might take a break is maybe the last week of December to January because it's cold."

Harrison's getting ready to defend her title at the Perdido Bay Collegiate Players Championship in Pensacola.

"I'm really excited," Harrison said. "It's really, it's a good tournament to get you going before school. I love the course and it's just a really fun tournament."

As for her future plans, "I do want to go professional at some point," Harrison said. "I definitely will try for a couple years and just see what happens. It's such a hard life? and hard game, so you just kind of throw all your cards on the table."

Harrison arrives in Pensacola Sunday, and competes Monday through Wednesday at the Perdido Bay Collegiate Players Championship in Pensacola.