Bay County Sheriff's Office hosts lie detector training

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A new style of lie detector available to law enforcement agencies can detect how truthful you are.

Thanks to Computer Voice Stress Analysis law enforcement can determine whether a suspect is being truthful.

Every two years law enforcement officials from across the country are required to take the week-long course to become re-certified. This week the Bay County Sheriff's Office is hosting the CVSA training for numerous agencies throughout the southeast.

The key to this technology is your voice and is considered 99 percent accurate, more so than its counterpart... the polygraph.

It's also less intrusive since the only device you wear is a microphone. Once they are trained on the equipment the interviewers are trained in techniques that overcomes a suspect's normal defense mechanisms.

Senior Instructor Bill Endler emphasized that follow-up training is very important saying, "Everyone that comes in, they have defenses in place and of course why they don't want to give you the information. So we teach them how to talk to these individuals and how to relax them and how to basically motivate them to give up the information."

The course is taught worldwide to government agencies that have a valid reason to use Computer Voice Stress Analysis to verify information.