Bay County fire station creates sanitation device

Brandon Luczaj sprays down a fire truck using the contraption.
Brandon Luczaj sprays down a fire truck using the contraption.(WJHG)
Published: Apr. 7, 2020 at 4:46 PM CDT
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The fire station on Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach is taking extra steps to help stop the spread of the coronavirus by using a device they fashioned from a few spare items they had around the fire house.

“It's a high velocity, low pressure air gun. It helps aerosolize the decontamination spray or viral-side spray, and it helps us distribute it into the apparatus, and turns it into a mist,” said firefighter and EMT, Brandon Laczaj.

The contraption is made of a 45 minute SCBA pack attached to a hose, connected to a spray gun filled with 10 parts water, one part Lemon 7, a disinfectant used in hospitals and operating rooms.

“We've done a lot of work with the Health Department. Dave from the Health Department was a huge help in this. Just figuring out if what we were doing was actually preventing the cross contamination. That was a big part of it. We didn't just want to come up with something and say "It's good," unless we had the science behind it,” said Fire Captain Gabriel Moschella.

According to Moschella, this spray is even more effective than a Lysol wipe.

“A wipe is something that you just can't get 100 percent of the surface area of, and if you do, you have that potential of spreading whatever you're wiping. The decontamination packs actually put a mist over the virus or any virus that we are talking about, and it actually gets 100 percent of the surface area.”

The mist can be used on electronics and is non-corrosive.


For those looking to copy the design,they can use a $10 high velocity spray gun found at a hardware store along with a CDC approved solution of either 10 parts water, one part bleach or 10 parts water, one part pine sol.

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