Bay County municipal elections

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Monday, March 20th is the last day to register to vote in Bay County's municipal elections.

The elections will be on April 18th. Anyone who is not registered will not be eligible to vote.

To register you must:
Be a United States citizen
Be a resident of the State of Florida
Be 18 years old (you may preregister if you are 17)
Not now be adjudicated mentally incapacitated with respect to voting in Florida or any other state
Not have been convicted of a felony in Florida, or any other state, without your civil rights having been restored
Not claim the right to vote in another county or state
You must be registered for at least 29 days before you can vote in a city, county, state or federal election.

You can obtain a Florida Voter Registration Application Form at the Bay County Supervisor of Elections Office. The Supervisor of Elections Office is located at 830 W. 11th Street, Panama City, FL 32401.