Bay District School Board approves proposed geographical zones, further discussion planned

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - When the next school year comes around, some local students may be taking the bus to a new school.

Tuesday afternoon, the Bay District School Board voted to approve the proposed rezoning map for the 2019-2020 school year.

This comes after the board decided to mothball Oakland Terrace, Oscar Patterson, and Springfield elementary schools.

While the board approved the geographical zones, they will have another public hearing to clarify the border of Callaway Elementary School, which is no longer in the group of schools up for mothballing.

"We'll have another public hearing on the schools around Callaway so that their zones remain like they were with Callaway staying open. It's just a matter of getting it right," Franklin Harrison, attorney for the Bay District School Board, said.

That meeting will take place on March 26.

The following are descriptions of the school zones:

Cherry Street Elementary:
"Starting at where Balboa Avenue would extend to the waterway, head
North on Balboa Avenue until Garden Club Dr. (east side only);
continue on Garden Club Dr. (south side only), until Florida Avenue;
turn left on Florida Avenue (east side only) until 11th Street W;
continue on 11th Street W. (south side only) until Hub Dr; turn left on
Hub Dr. (east side only) to 12th Street E; turn right on 12th Street E
(south side only) to Cone Street. Continue on Cone Street (west side
only) until 10th Street E. (south side only), continue on Wilson Ave
(west side only) to 9th Street E. Follow 9th Street E (south side only)
to Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. Turn left on Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
(east side only) to 11th Street E. Turn right on 11th Street E (south side
only) to N East Ave. Turn right on N. East Ave (west side only) to 5th
Street E. Turn left on 5th Street E (south side only), to 3rd Street E
(south side only) to waterway. Follow waterway back to where Balboa
Avenue would extend to the waterway."

Deer Point Elementary:
"Starting at Cherokee Landing on Highway 2301 and heading south
towards Highway 231, everything on the west side of Highway 2301 to
the waterway; continuing south on Highway 231, everything north of
Highway 231 to the waterway. Turn north on Ormond Ave (includes
all roads both sides connected to Ormond Ave). From Highway 389
North (both sides) starting at E. 24th Street (north side of E. 24th
Street only; includes Mowat Highlands, excludes Shadow Ridge,
Timbers Subdivision, and Camryn’s Crossing). Also includes E 24th
Street (north side only) from Florida Ave and continues north on
Florida Ave (east side only) until E. 12th Street (south side only until
bend in road). After bend in road and waterway, follow the waterway
north and around until back to Cherokee Landing (south side of the

Hiland Park Elementary:
"Starting on Jenks Avenue going north from the Jenks and Airport Road
intersection, (east side of Jenks Avenue) until Saint Andrews Blvd, turn
right on Saint Andrews Blvd (everything on the south side of Saint
Andrews Blvd) until Mowat School Road (south side only); to Highway
77 (west side) left on E. 24th Street (south side; north side includes
Timbers Subdivision and not Mowat Highlands; only the E. 24th Street
from Highway 77 and not the one from Highway 389); includes Canal
Street to E. 40th Place (both sides) and Camryn’s Crossing, Greentree
Heights, and Hawks Landing off of Highway 389. Includes Baldwin
Road to Highway 231; following Highway 231 (north side only) to
Harrison Avenue. From Harrison Ave (east side only) to Airport Road
to Jenks Avenue (north side only)."

Lucille Moore Elementary:
"Beginning at the East end of the Hathaway Bridge; East along Highway
98 (both north & south sides) to Beck Avenue; North on 390 West of
the waterway in Pretty Bayou (Including Pretty Bayou Heights, Pretty
Bayou Point, and Bayview Heights but not including Pretty Bayou Island
or north/east of Pretty Bayou Island). Continuing East on Highway 98,
everything south of the train tracks to everything west of Lisenby
Road, (continue Lisenby Road south to the water)."

Northside Elementary:
"Starting at Saint Andrews Blvd northbound along 390, northeast of the
Pretty Bayou waterway (including Pretty Bayou Island) to Venetian
Way; West on Venetian Way (both sides) to Napoli Road; North on
Napoli Road (both sides) to Calabria Road; West on Calabria Road
(both sides) to Goose Bayou; West through Goose Bayou to West Bay,
(does not include Candlewick Dr. or Woodridge Rd); Continuing south
along State Avenue (west side only) to W Baldwin Road; east to Jenks
Avenue, then south on Jenks Avenue (west side only) until Airport
Road (south side) to Harrison Ave (west side) and east down Highway
98 (south side only) to Martin Luther King Blvd (west side). Continue
south on Martin Luther King Blvd until E. 9th Street (west side of Martin
Luther King Jr. Blvd, north side of 9th Street). West on 9th Street, until
Wilson Ave; continue north on Cone Ave, (north/east side). East on
12th Street, (northside only) until Mulberry Ave, continue south (both
sides of Mulberry Ave), stopping at 11th Street; West on 11th street
(north side only), south on Florida Avenue (west side only) to Garden
Club Dr.; continue west on Garden Club Dr. (north side only) to Balboa
Avenue (west side only). Head south on Balboa Avenue until the water
(W. Beach Dr.). Continue west on W. Beach Dr. (both sides) until
Lisenby Avenue (if extended to the water), (east of Lisenby Avenue
only). Follow Lisenby Avenue North until the train tracks. Continue
along the train tracks (north side only) until Beck Avenue (east side
only), and then follow Beck Avenue North until it turns into Saint
Andrews Blvd at 23rd Street."

Everitt Middle/Rutherford High
"Beginning at the intersection of Tram Road and the Bay/Gulf County
line; South on the Bay/Gulf county line to the Gulf of Mexico; West
through the Gulf of Mexico to St. Andrew Bay; North and east
through St. Andrew Bay to the extension of East Avenue; North on
extension of East Avenue and East Avenue (east side only) to a point
due west of Harvey Mathis Drive; East from said point to Harvey
Mathis Drive; South on Transmitter Road (west side only) to 15th
Street; East on 15th Street (south side only) and Tyndall Parkway to
Tram Road; East along Tram Road (both sides) to the Bay-Gulf
County line, the point of beginning."

M. Cherry Street Elementary School. Courtesy: Bay District Schools.