Bay District Schools releases new calendar for remainder of school year

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Bay District Schools announced its calendar for the remainder of the school year.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt said they have added four days to the calendar without taking away time from Thanksgiving, Christmas, or spring break times that were originally planned.

"We're also going to add 10 minutes to most of the schedules, some might get 14 due to the complexity of the schedule," said Husfelt.

Cherry Street Elementary School and Mowat Middle School are set to open November 8. Surfside Middle, Arnold High, and Breakfast Point Elementary schools will be closed until further notice. All other schools are set to be open by November 13th.

Husfelt also spoke about repairing and rebuilding the damaged schools, Bay District Schools has been working with FEMA experts to figure out plans for the schools.

He says while students are away from the damaged schools, they will use that time to assess and repair the damage.

"There are some schools much more decimated than other schools those are the schools that we're obviously the most worried about," said Husfelt. "That would be Merritt Brown, Bay High School, Everitt, Springfield, Patterson, Tyndall."

According to Bay District Schools Assistant Superintendent Denise Kelley, Bay County has ordered 124 portables that students will use when they get back to their campuses.

Superintendent Husfelt said breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be free for students until January.

For more information you can visit the district's Facebook page.