Bay District Schools, PanCare preparing to roll out 'Telehealth' program

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Some local schools are stepping into the future when it comes to student health care.

Bay District Schools and PanCare are preparing to roll out their "Telehealth School Health Program."

The program will be implemented at Lucille Moore and Cedar Grove, or "Cedarfield" since Springfield students joined the campus, elementary schools.

Through the use of technology, a child and school nurse can be connected to a health care provider in another location.

A secure network would be used to provide physical and mental health services. According to PanCare's website, this includes, "Diagnosis and treatment for acute illnesses and minor injuries such as strep throat, ear infections, rash, and influenza. Behavioral health services including Psychiatry, Medication Management, and Therapy."

Kara Mulkusky, the Director of Student Services of Bay District Schools, said money from the program comes from different pots, including the Schools of Hope grant, a PanCare grant, and the Mental Health Assistance Allocation Plan.

"It'll just give students an immediate access to a qualified physician to get them seen and get some treatment and hopefully decrease the amount of time that they'll lose outside of school when they're staying home and sick, the care will help keep them in the classroom longer," she explained.

After the provider gives a diagnosis, the parent or guardian can decide what action to take next, whether that be follow-up treatment or a prescription.