Bay District Schools tackles more security measures as it continues to grow

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Seven years later, memories of the shooter at the Bay District School Board meeting remain fresh for those who were there.

A gunman interrupted the meeting December 14, 2010.

He approached board members, apparently upset over an employment issue concerning his wife.

After ranting, he fired shots at the school board members, but no one was hurt.

Police said the gunman shot and killed himself after exchanging gunfire with Mike Jones, the Chief of Safety and Security for the district.

"It seemed like it happened yesterday," Jones recalled. "It doesn't seem like it's been seven years, and I think that is probably because we're so vigilant now about safety and security. It's paramount. That's all I do."

Jones said the district has grown tremendously, and several extra security features have been added.

"We’re still growing with other agencies, officers, and our cameras," he explained. "Back then, we had very few cameras and now we’ve got over 1,000 cameras in the schools and buses. We’re still going 100 miles an hour with our safety procedures.”

He said they're in the process of putting security cameras in every elementary school.

In July, a vote by the school board passes to hire four School Resource Officers to focus specifically on elementary schools. They spend time at four or five schools each, and Jones said the program will continue to expand.