Bay District Schools to contract with PanCare and bill for basic services provided free in the past

Published: Aug. 21, 2018 at 11:05 AM CDT
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Bay District Schools is set to sign a contract with PanCare of Florida to provide medical services previously provided by the Florida Department of Health in Bay County. That agreement is expected to be signed at the School Board meeting Tuesday. Under this agreement, medical services provided to your child can be billed to your insurance or Medicaid. Those without insurance will not be billed. In the past, the Florida Department of Health in Bay County did not send additional bills for the services.

The forms requesting parental consent for PanCare were sent home during the first week of school. Bay District officials say if the form is not signed, life-saving medical treatment may not be provided by the school health technicians and 911 would have to be called. For example, if a child needs an Epipen and a parent did not consent to PanCare services, 911 would have to be called before administering the medication.

The district says you can initial just the top part of the form, selecting the health services you agree to. They say you do not have to initial the bottom section that gives permission for PanCare to bill your insurance.

Parents have reached out to NewsChannel 7 and Local 18 News with questions and concerns about this new contract. We will be at the meeting to get more information on this new contract and what it means for local families.