Bay District Schools to use Teacher Planning Day to disinfect schools

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - In the peak of this flu season, another area school district will be taking extra measures to prevent the virus from spreading.

In response to this year's flu season, Bay District Schools will disinfect and clean surfaces while students are out of school.

Students were already scheduled to not be in class Wednesday because of a Teacher Planning Day.

The district said it will be using the day to clean commonly-used surfaces including doorknobs and desks.

Douglas Kent, the administrator for the Florida Department of Health of Bay County, explained how a thorough cleaning not only benefits students but raises awareness of the virus in our community.

"Because we're at the peak time, you'll see a lot of awareness. People being sick and because of that, it becomes more aware to the public and to the population and our residents in our community," Kent said.

He encouraged people to get the flu vaccine to try to prevent the spread of the flu, but he said it will take one's body time to develop antibodies to defend against the flu.

Kent recommended the vaccine because he said people can get the flu any time of the year, not just during the peak of flu season in winter.

He urges parents to keep their children home from school if they begin to see flu-like symptoms.

He also said the flu can last as long as two weeks.