Bay High seniors raising money to send the full class to Grad Bash

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Bay High School seniors Jordan Kirby and Nicholas Weeks have a goal to check off their bucket list before their class graduates.

Seniors at Bay High School are working to raise enough money to send the whole class to Grad Bash. (MGN)

"I want them to be able to go experience like, have like a good send-off in their last year of high school," said Kirby.

Across Florida, high school seniors go to Grad Bash, an event at Universal Orlando where the park is filled with only soon-to-be grads.

"Last year we had a teacher who had made a GoFundMe because the hurricane happened, Grad Bash was coming up, so he was gonna try to get paid off for everyone so they'd have the opportunity to go and experience something their senior year and I wanted to make a difference this year," said Kirby.

"We're raising money for, to... I guess like, help the people who can't afford Grad Bash right now or are struggling," said Weeks.

Tickets for Grad Bash range from around $500 to $550, and there are about 300 students in Bay High's senior class. So that means these students are trying to raise around $150,000.

"The money from the GoFundMe will go to everyone and it'll be shared with everyone so everybody has the opportunity to get their prices knocked down," said Kirby.

And looking forward to Grad Bash gives seniors at Bay High a sense of normalcy.

"Before, we've taken kids to Grad Bash and I guess this year is just especially hard for them since the hurricane and everything so we're just trying to help them, give them a little boost," said Weeks.

And they hope getting this plan started at the beginning of the school year gives them enough time to fully fund the graduation celebration come spring.

If you would like to donate to send the senior class to Grad Bash, click here.

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