Billionaire Jeff Greene making rounds in State Capitol as poll numbers rise

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS SERVICE) - Billionaire Jeff Greene has been in the race to be the Democrat's gubernatorial nominee for about six weeks, a blink of an eye in statewide politics, but his wealth has helped him become a contender in a very short period of time.

Greene made the rounds in the State Capitol Tuesday, meeting with an editorial board and reporters.

A recent poll shows him in third place but within striking distance.

"Money is part of it, but what we’re going to do is keep getting our message out. We’re going on a bus tour all over the state,” said Greene.

Greene is taking on the NRA.

A new mailer depicts school children as targets.

“A state with more guns than anywhere, and unfortunately, shootings left and right,” said Greene. "So I think the NRA is responsible and I’m putting them on notice that when I am Governor, I’m going to stand up to them.”

Greene is an avowed Trump opponent.

“I hope that I will inspire others like me to get involved, open up their pocketbooks, and try to get our state and our country charted into a new direction,” said Greene.

Where Greene isn’t in lockstep with most other Democratic contenders is legalizing marijuana. At least not yet.

“I want to see in places where it has been made completely legal, recreational marijuana use, has consumption increased among young children, young kids under 18?” said Greene. "If it has, then we really have to think it’s not a good idea to legalize it. If it hasn’t, then I say absolutely. Legalize it. Tax it. Regulate it. End of story."

Green is also promising to use some of his $3 billion bankroll to help Democrats up and down the ticket, but first, he has to get past four other Democrats on August 28th.

So far, Greene has put $10.6 million into his own campaign.

His latest report shows eight other individual contributors, none of which contributed more than $30.

Greene said previously he may spend up to $200 million.