Blountstown police officer among arrested after fight at Eastpoint restaurant

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A Blountstown police officer is facing charges after a fight in Franklin County, according to arrest documents.

From left to right: Timothy Partridge, Dakota Partridge, Larry Colson. (WJHG/WECP)

Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies say Saturday night, they were called to El Jalisco in Eastpoint for a physical altercation inside the restaurant. Deputies say video of the fight shows Timothy Partridge, a police officer with Blountstown, as the aggressor. Deputies write they were unable to hear what was said due to the lack of audio on the video, but said "the body language of Mr. Partridge was of an aggravated manner" when he approached the victims.

The arrest report goes on to say Partridge hit one of the victims with an open hand and shoved him.

Deputies say another man, Dakota Partridge, grabbed Timothy Partridge and pulled him away. Deputies say the men, along with Larry Colson, Jr. walked to the back of the restaurant and another argument can be seen.

Deputies say the video shows Dakota Partridge tackling a victim to the ground and Timothy Partridge hitting another victim. They say during the fight, one victim's head hit a wall causing a hole in the wall.

Timothy Partridge is charged with four counts of battery. Dakota Partridge is charged with battery and damage to property $200 and under. Colson is charged with battery.

Blountstown Police say Timothy Partridge has been placed on administrative leave with pay. They say they will conduct an internal investigation once the Franklin County Sheriff's Office case is closed.

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