Bonnie Peden is this week's Golden Apple winner

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - Scoring an "A" on a test is a treat in itself, but for Mrs.Peden's students it's even sweeter. When her students get an "A," they get brownies!

"Because these are kids that have struggled and I want them to know that they can succeed if they do their very best," Peden said.

Bonnie Peden is an eighth grade intensive reading teacher at Everitt Middle School.

She loves motivating her students. She plays a motivational video called the "yet movement," with the message, "I may not understand it right now, but if I keep working on it and I do my very best, then I will get it, I just haven't gotten it yet," Peden said.

She's been teaching for 34 years, but she's not just a school teacher, she also teaches piano, and she says both can be challenging.

"So many kids get discouraged and I want them to know that you can do this," Peden said.

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