Calhoun sees little damage from Irma

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CALHOUN COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - As Irma made its way through northwest Florida, some areas aren't seeing as much damage as they originally thought.

Calhoun was projected to be right in Irma's path, but as the storm passed through, it's eastern shift lessened the blow in the rural county.

"Highest we've seen is about 25-25 sustain guess of 25 on average were still seeing about 10 to 15miles an hour," said Calhoun County Emergency Management, Adam Johnson.

Some local businesses in Blountstown boarded up their windows and even tossed out some sandbags just in case they saw storm damage or flooding from the local rivers.

A toppled over school zone sign and some downed trees were some of the worst damage in the area.

Emergency management did open three shelters, but only about 120 people have taken refuge there.

"We will continue to help them out as best we can give them the support we can but hope to be able to and expect to be able to close them by this evening," said Johnson.

They said they've had some reports of power outages, with roughly six to eight hundred customers losing power at some point during the storm.

"Just continue to use extreme caution if you do have power outages report those to your local power company," Johnson added.

Emergency officials are still recommending everyone to stay off the roads at this point to allow cleanup crews and emergency vehicle to get around and assess any damage.