Mosley alum exceeds expectations in her first year at Georgia

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Mosley volleyball alum T'ara Ceasar has had a breakout freshman campaign in 2017 at the University of Georgia.

"The time and effort that we put in in college, there has to be something there," Ceasar said. "You're not going to get up at six a.m. every morning just because. Like, you're going to do it because you have some type of love for it. And I think all of my coaches helped instill that in me."

Ceasar's kills and points per set averages were the highest among freshmen in the nation, leading her Bulldogs with 26 double-digit kill matches and kills in 21 contests.

"I just know that if I do what I've been taught, trust my training and what my coaches have taught me, then I think all those awards will come," Ceasar said.

But there was a time during her senior year of high school when she was unsure of her athletic future.

"I could just remember seeing my knee cave in," Ceasar said.

The star outside hitter took a big hit her own; a torn ACL.

"I remember calling my coach and that was probably one of the scariest days because I know a lot of athletes aren't as fortunate as I am," Ceasar said.

Ceasar kept her scholarship, her drive, and the relentless will to improve.

"To me, it was getting over the fear of playing again," Ceasar said. "That was probably the biggest hurdle because obviously I'm an outside hitter, so I'm going to have to jump. I'm going to have to go through that motion again, but it's just how do I go about it? Am I going to be scared? Or am I going to do it?"

After all, pain goes away.

"It's just like you don't want to go through that motion again," Ceasar said.

Pride lasts forever.

"When you love something, you're going to keep doing it no matter what," she added.

Ceasar keeps that pride in herself and in her University.

"'Do not worry, we have your back,' and hearing that, it just made me feel at home and that's why I'm really proud of the fact that I can say that I'm a Georgia Bulldog," Ceasar said.

Being a star athlete at Georgia has helped Ceasar get recognized, setting her up with great opportunities. One of those was becoming one of 12 players that competed in China for the U.S. Women's Collegiate National Team.

We'll be sharing that in part two of her story on Wednesday.