Celebrate New Year's twice

Published: Dec. 28, 2016 at 5:52 PM CST
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Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach are celebrating New Year's with twice the fun.

Although the two cities boarder one another and are very similar, their clocks are not.

"We're one of four counties in the U.S. that have actually two time zones," said Jennifer Jenkins, the Executive Director of the Gulf County Tourist Development Council.

Jenkins is referring to Gulf County, where Port St. Joe is while its neighbor, Mexico Beach, is in Bay County.

"We're able to offer something a little extra as far as ringing in the new year," said Kimberly Shoaf, the President of the Mexico Beach Community Development Council.

To give party goers the best New Year's Eve experience, Gulf County's TDC along with Mexico Beach have once again partnered for one big celebration.

"It's so much fun," said Jenkins. "It's safe. We work very closely with law enforcement and all of the bars to make sure the people are safe."

On December 31st from 8 p.m. eastern time until 3 a.m. eastern time, free shuttles will take party goers to and from twelve different bars located in Port St. Joe and Mexico Beach.

Those in Port St. Joe will celebrate the celebration at midnight first, then they'll have the chance to re-live it again in Mexico Beach because those bars are an hour behind.

"We have shuttles that stay in Mexico Beach only if that's were you prefer to stay," said Jenkins. "We have a shuttle that stays in Port St. Joe then we have express shuttles that go back and fourth. Then we have express shuttles that go back and fourth so you can get on a shuttle and go to all of the stops."

The Lookout Lounge sits on the boarder of Bay and Gulf Counties, one step to the left or the right could determine your time change. Organizers say it's normally a very popular spot.

"They ring in the new year once and then an hour later they ring it in again," said Shoaf. "And when Mexico Beach rings in their New Year, we have fireworks that shoot off from our pier."

Port St. Joe also has fireworks.

"It's worth it, it's fun, it's safe, it's free and you get to do it twice," said Shoaf.

For more information regarding the Celebrate Twice event check out the link: