Centenarian honored on Voter Registration Day

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Twelve locations in Bay County were working hard to get people to register to vote during Bay County's Voter Registration Day Tuesday, but a very special voter was honored toward the end of the drive.

A young Irma Stauber, who immigrated to the United States at 22 from Yugoslavia.

Irma Stauber, who turned 100 in May, was one of six centenarians honored with a commemorative 100-year coin and certificate by the Supervisor of Elections office.

Stauber immigrated to the United States from Yugoslavia with her husband in 1939, leaving the rest of her family behind. She said once she arrived, she wanted nothing more than to become an American citizen.

"I think it took seven years before I was able to vote and I'm so happy to be here in this country because you have all of the privileges you want," Stauber said.

When Stauber arrived to America, she worked as a chambermaid in New York City in the famous Waldorf Astoria hotel. Her husband worked there too, beginning his life in America as a waiter. They moved to Florida when he retired.

The 100-year-old was an ardent supporter of Donald Trump during the campaign and joked that she's never voted for a losing presidential candidate.

Mark Anderson, Bay County Supervisor of Elections, said he's been honoring centenarians for four years as a part of Voter Registration Day in the county.

Anderson said over 100 people made updates to their registration or filed to vote Tuesday.