Christmas lights safety

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SOUTH WALTON, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Besides making sure your Christmas tree is properly watered, checking your Christmas lights can also help prevent a disaster from happening.

Cropped Photo: youngthousands / Wikipedia / CC BY 2.0

Each year many pull out the same string of wadded up and tangled lights that they've had for years. They may be bandaged to quickly fix any burnt out lights or exposed wires, but fire officials say that creates an unnecessary hazard.

"Climbing on a roof, of course be careful. Don't drive any nails, some folks still use nails," South Walton Fire District Fire Marshal, Sammy Sanchez said. "Don't drive any nails into the wiring. Try to use the plastic clips to hold the lights in place, but the biggest thing is use a little bit of common sense."

Another thing officials recommend is using lights that are listed for their use, for example, don't using indoor lights outside or outdoor lights inside.

"The biggest thing is you don't want to overload your circuits. If you get some Christmas lights that are frayed or shorting out, they're pretty inexpensive so don't try to repair them," Sanchez said.