Church organization delivers donations to Springfield church

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SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - When overcoming the destruction left behind by Hurricane Michael, it's good to have a game plan.

"God is always in the plan, regardless of how bad things may get, it's never as bad as you may think because He's always in the plan," Harry Copeland, a Trustee of First Mount Moriah Baptist Church in Springfield, said.

In that plan, you'll need movers and shakers. That's where the Union Foreign Missionary Baptist Association comes in.

"Our heart went out because in the Polk County area, we have experienced this so many times," Reverend Frank O'Harroll, the Moderator of UFMBA, said.

UFMBA's Congress of Christian Workers made a stop at First Mount Moriah Baptist Church Monday afternoon.

"The word of God said, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'," Reverend O'Harroll said.

Members of the organization from Central Florida brought food and clothing for hurricane survivors.

"Water, clothes for children, shoes, canned goods, toiletries," Reverend Troy Adams, the Director of the Congress of Christian Workers, said.

Just as we're seeing tarps cover buildings throughout the Panhandle, churchgoers say that fellow congregations and God have hurricane survivors covered.

"It's great to know that your fellow Christians are reaching out and they are able to help you," Copeland said.

"I contacted all of the associate churches and they were willing to respond to this effort and it really gave us a joyful feeling that we were able to help," Reverend Wallace Elliott, who works for the Benevolent Ministry of UFMBA, said.

In this season of giving, people from all over are still bringing joy to our world despite Mother Nature's plan to do otherwise.