Coach Roonie Scovel received recognition at Gulf Coast Board of Trustees meeting

Published: Apr. 19, 2019 at 11:24 AM CDT
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Another national championship season is garnering Roonie Scovel and the Gulf Coast State College women's basketball program more accolades.

Case in point, Thursday's meeting of the college's Board of Trustees giving Coach Scovel several rounds of applause and in fact a standing ovation. All in the wake of her team being co-champs of the Panhandle Conference, state champs, and for a sixth time national champs. This earning Coach Scovel the NJCAA Coach of the Year award.

Jim McKnight, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Gulf Coast State College, said, "She just has that skill to motivate kids and that's what it's about. She connects with them, she gets them to play better than their abilities and that's what a great coach is. It's somebody that could take you and push you in an appropriate way to be better than your truly have the ability to be."