Code Enforcement tackling debris on properties more than a year after Hurricane Michael

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - In Lynn Haven near Highway 77 lies a small field of debris where a trailer park once stood.

A demolished trailer park site has created an eyesore, but local residents say it's an improvement compared to what was once there. (WJHG/WECP)

Dolores Hazelwood who works across from demolished trailer site said, "I think it looks good, but that's after almost a full year of looking at all the trailers with the windows busted out and the trees laying on top of them, inside them, and metal just everywhere."

Since then Lynn Haven Code Enforcement has cracked down.

"They had to go ahead and either demolish the trailers or remove them and change the aspect of the property. So the property can no longer be a trailer park, we do not allow trailer parks in the city limit any longer, the ones that are here are grandfathered in," said Eric Bentley with the town's code enforcement.

But the debris scattered across the Lynn Haven property can be found all over Bay County which has code enforcement hard at work.

Kathi Ashman, Bay County Code Enforcement Manager, said much of their work consists of "the trash and the junk, to overgrowth, to fencing."

There are one-thousand Hurricane Michael-related code enforcement cases still open in Bay County.

"A lot of it is individuals scrapping, finding that stuff and trying to scrap it for money," said Ashman.

In Lynn Haven, Bentley said every case is handled differently. "The initial part of the case we give them fourteen days to do something, just start the process. Once the process is started, we can at our discretion give them enough time to work on what they need to work on. As long as they're showing progress we allow them to work on the property," he said.

As for the demolished trailer site, it's been sold and the owner has been given approximately 30 days to clear the property before action is taken.

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