Cold weather shelters open in Crestview

CRESTVIEW, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Three cold weather shelters are open in Crestview: Lifepoint Church, Helping Hands House, and Community of Christ.

Volunteers said 18 people slept at the shelter Wednesday night.

"They usually don't open the doors unless it's cold like this," Jake Bell, who is staying at the shelter, said. "It's a lot more better than sleeping outside, you know?"

If the temperature is 40 degrees or below, one of the shelters will be open from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 a.m.

"When the temperature doesn't get above 40 during the day, we try to get volunteers to staff Helping Hands so we can have a place for the homeless to go during that time," Crestview Area Shelter for the Homeless President Ann Sprague said.

Community members have donated blankets, food, and other supplies to keep the shelters running.

"You know, this ain't free," Bell said. "It takes money to help us out and I'm glad the community's seen that. It's more working together than judging, 'Why are you here?' you know?"

Monetary donations have helped volunteers go the extra mile for people in special circumstances.

"One man is a veteran and he has the flu," Sprague said. "We didn't want to put him in with the others, so we were able to put him into a motel for a few nights."

Shelter volunteers said they're good on food donations now, but will likely need more food early next week.

Lifepoint Church is the shelter for Sunday. It's located at 400 South Ferdon Boulevard (Highway 85). A contact number is 850-682-3518.

Helping Hands House is the shelter for Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It's located at 428 McLaughlin Avenue. A contact number is 850-398-5670.

Community of Christ is the shelter for Tuesday and Wednesday. It's located at 398 West First Avenue. A contact number is 850-682-7474.