Community Recovery Center to provide more services

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Bay County is helping residents as they continue to recover from Hurricane Michael. The county is taking over the Community Recovery Center, which was formerly known as the FEMA Disaster Recovery Center.

It's been nearly six months since Hurricane Michael tore through Bay County and people are still working with disaster response programs like FEMA to put their lives back together.

"We're gonna provide a lot of local services in order to augment what FEMA and the SBA have been doing to provide a broader range of services," said Community Recovery Center On-site Administrator Jo Shaffer.

Now, Bay County has stepped in to help speed up the process.

"You can come here and as you're here you can have services either provided directly or referred directly," said Shaffer.

The center is designed to be a one-stop shop for storm victims in need of services.

"If you're in need of crisis counseling, if you're in need of medical care, if you're a veteran and would like to access veteran services you can do that on-site here so you can do it right away," explained Shaffer.

Shaffer said they work with about 20 local non-profit organizations like Doorways Northwest Florida who offer roof repair, debris removal, and other services.

"We were getting many, many, many disaster-related calls as well as people who needed help paying their rent or looking for a place because they couldn't go back to their place because their place was destroyed, said Doorways Northwest Florida Executive Director Yvonne Petrasovits. "So it's a natural fit for us to take this on because we do have a lot of resources we can refer to."

Shaffer said they plan on providing a way for people to access FEMA and SBA resources at the center as well. The center is located at the Bay County Public Library.

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