Concealed carry on college campuses

Published: Aug. 4, 2017 at 5:51 PM CDT
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Shayna Lopez-Rivas began advocating in favor of campus carry after she was sexually assaulted on Florida State University's campus in 2014.

"He had a knife, I had pepper spray, and even though I ran for blue lights that are scattered all around, [he was] faster, stronger and I did not win," said Rivas.

She said if she had a gun with her, she may have been able to stop her attacker.

"The way that I carry it now, I would have been able to prevent what happened to me, yeah," she said.

The Campaign to Keep Guns Off Campus says the reality is crime rates on college campuses are generally lower than rates in surrounding areas. The organization sent us a statement which reads, "Campus safety is a serious issue that should not be left to individual gun owners who lack the type and frequency of training required by law enforcement."

Students for Concealed Carry argues banning guns on campus is a violation of their second amendment right to bear arms. The organization says for students to carry concealed weapons on campus they would still have to be licensed and have proper training.

Other students say they would actually feel less safe with guns around.

"I know personally that I wouldn't carry one, so I wouldn't feel safer if everyone else has it and I don't," said Laura Prieto, who is from Miami.

In recent years, there have been many attempts by the legislature to implement an open carry policy, but they have all failed.

A 2013 court order required Florida universities to allow students to keep firearms in their vehicles parked on campus. The weapons must be in a locked compartment.