Congratulations to Meghan Morris, this week's Golden Apple winner

BAY COUNTY, Fla (WJHG) - Hurricane Michael disrupted lives and caused many families to relocate. The storm also forced changes in our school system.

Bay District teacher Meghan Morris transferred from Parker Elementary to Waller Elementary School after the storm, and she's made the most out of the move and that's why she's this week's Golden Apple winner.

"My townhouse was damaged, repairs were not going to be complete anytime soon so my family and I had to relocate," Morris said.

A similar story for many after the hurricane, Morris was forced to switch schools.

"I started here at Waller after Christmas break and I took over second grade. I was a little nervous at first because when a new teacher comes in, you're always afraid, 'Are they going to like me? Are they going to be okay with the new rules and expectations?'" Morris said.

But in no time, her new students warmed up to her rules and expectations.

"She is pretty much awesome because she helps us with math or reading or if there's a big word that's in our chapter book that we don't know," one student said.

Morris has only been teaching in Bay County for three years, but she's wanted to be a teacher since she was eight years old.

"I just wanted to make a difference and I felt like teaching, and you can make a difference with teaching. So every day I come to school and I just say to myself, 'Today is the day you're going to make somebody's day a little brighter. They are going to leave feeling like they are loved, cared about, and I want to see them right back here the next day,'" Morris said.

She's motivating her students to reach their fullest potential every day.