Congratulations to Nathaniel Taylor, this week's Golden Apple winner

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - Many Bay High School students and staff are working out of portables because of the hurricane, but one teacher is making the most out it. That's why Nathaniel Taylor is this week's Golden Apple winner.

Nathaniel Taylor was born and raised in Bay County so teaching students in the district has a special meaning.

"They fill my life up with light, and I think they need to know that they have an immense amount of power within themselves to do whatever it is that they want to do, and it really gives me a lot more enlightenment, honestly about how blessed I am to be a teacher," Taylor said.

This is only his fourth year teaching at Bay High School. He teaches U.S. History and Psychology.

"We get very kinetic is what we call it, but we get really active in the classroom. I like debates. It's imperative that you do that, and it's challenging. You have to keep evolving as a teacher," Taylor said.

His students say he is an amazing teacher, and his classroom is a place where everyone feels comfortable being themselves. Even after the hurricane, Taylor is determined to make students feel better, he plays music in between classes and has a basketball net outside his classroom.

"It's been pretty difficult after the storm, to hang things up at the door and walk in, just to bring that spirit up and that joy because a lot of our students are not coming from very good situations at home, a lot like everybody in Bay County, and they deserve every moment of joy I can give them. that's my job too," Taylor said.

Taylor says he hopes his students leave his classroom knowing they are loved.

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