Congratulations to Tina Smith, this week's Golden Apple winner

CALHOUN COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - One music teacher is working hard to teach her students the power of reading music, and that's why this week's Golden Apple goes to Tina Smith of Altha Public School.

This is a photo of this week's Golden Apple winner, Tina Smith. (WJHG)

Tina Smith is the music teacher at Altha Public School. She's been teaching for 27 years, but music has been a part of her life for a lot longer.

"It was a part of my family, a part of who we are as humans, music is, and I was encouraged to play the piano, that was my instrument, the piano," Smith said.

That's why teaching music is so special to her. Smith says teaching kids to read and play music is very beneficial and should be more than just an extracurricular.

"Music reading engages the entire brain, and I feel very strongly that children need to be exercising their brain. The research does show that kids are involved in music, that play instruments, read music, they do better on all those tests that we worry so much about," Smith said.

Smith says music class can also be therapeutic, but above all she wants her students to learn important life lessons while in class.

"I hope they know that they are cared for and that they would go the extra mile for someone else," Smith said.

When Smith is not in the music room, she's coaching the cross country team.

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