Construction on new federal courthouse moves forward

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Despite delays, thanks to Hurricane Michael, construction on the new federal courthouse is moving forward.

The Bay County Commission is working with the General Services Administration to get an extension for the project's time frame.

A new juvenile justice building will be located on the campus of the current county courthouse, while the new federal courthouse will be located where the current juvenile justice courthouse is.

Bay County Manager Bob Majka says the federal court could possibly occupy the juvenile justice building by January 2021. But Majka says the availability of contractors may present a challenge because of the hurricane.

Majka said, "We're still working through the design process. We're working with the court and clerk's facility committee to get the floor plan flushed out for the new juvenile justice building--it will go down adjacent to the existing courthouse downtown. So everything is still moving ahead, we're just anticipating to get some additional time added so we'll have more time to get that project completed."

An exact start date has not yet been announced for construction.