Crews come in from other states to restore power

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -- It's a question on the mind of many: "When are we going to get our power back?"

You can register for mobile alerts from Gulf Power by texting the letters, "REG" to 694853 or by visiting your online account profile.

You can find the current outage maps here:
Gulf Power
Duke Energy

Donna Bell, the news director for WJHG, drove by the staging area at Frank Brown Park for power crews to give an update.

She observed power trucks from different states coming into Panama City. Crews at the staging area told Bell they are awaiting instructions on where to go to begin work.

"I'm blown away. I've never seen this site in our area, never seen this many power crews. And I'm thankful to see them because everybody needs power," said Bell, who's lived in the area for 24 years.

She the amount of power crews at the staging area was "just the beginning."

She said she's never seen the area in such an amount of need before.

"It's a beautiful site. It really is, but it's also at the same time hard not to see this and get just a little emotional because it makes you realize I need - everybody's in such need," she said.

The crews at the scene were not able to provide much information, but they said they were happy to be in the area to help where they can.

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