Deputies find drugs in bag labeled "Bag Full Of Drugs"

Deputies find drugs in a bag labeled "Bag of Drugs." (CNN)

SANTA ROSA, Fla. (CNN) - Take a close look at this picture of what Florida state troopers found when they pulled over some drug traffickers- two bags that say, "bag full of drugs."

Inside the bags? You guessed it- a bunch of drugs.

The troopers say they pulled over Ian Christian Simmons and Joshua Michael Reinhardt going 95 in a Kia Saturday night and ended up finding all this.

Meth, cocaine, fentanyl and MDMA along with things used to do drugs, and of course those aptly named bags.

Deputies had this advice for them, quote, "do not traffic your illegal narcotics in bags labeled 'Bag Full Of Drugs'. Our K-9s can read."