Destroyed structure frozen in time

CALLAWAY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The Callaway Village Square looks like it's been frozen in time--a shell of what used to be home to several thriving businesses.

Bay County resident, Jazzmyn Hartlage said, "It's devastating, riding through town seeing all the damage to all the buildings. It doesn't look the same anymore."

Among the rubble are hints of life here before the storm.

Tom Fillway knew several of the local business owners in this mall. "The couple that owned the flower shop and the ones that owned this cigarette shop. They're working at Sam's and Home Depot. And they had owned this flower shop, I know, for 20 years. So, you know, their whole 20 years or so is gone and no one knows where to turn," said Fillway.

Although the building paints a depressing picture of what once was, Callaway Mayor Pamn Henderson says it also paints a picture of what could be.

"You know, there are some businesses looking to come here so hopefully they'll be somebody that maybe will be interested in this shopping center area that we would get some new or maybe some of the businesses that were in there, maybe they will return," said Mayor Henderson.

It's Callaway's new normal.

Fillway said, "And just like, I came out here to walk through this strip mall cause it's just hard to grasp the devastation even though we're living in it."

But the devastation in Callaway is emblematic of the same devastation throughout the area. As with many other destroyed structures, the fate of the building is unknown.