Drug overdoses in Bay County increased in 2018

Published: Jan. 14, 2019 at 10:45 AM CST
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The drug epidemic continues to be a growing problem across the country, and Bay County is no exception.

Crime and safety specialist Paul Vecker joined us in our studio to tell us about the rising trend of drug overdoses in Bay County. According to the Bay County Sheriff's Office, in 2017 Bay County saw 126 drug overdoses with 13 deaths. In 2018, the number increased to 177 overdoses with 15 deaths.

"It's a very serious problem," Vecker says. "This is getting worse and worse every year. The comparison of stats shows it and proves it."

Vecker says drug overdoses affect more than just young people, but individuals across all demographics.

For more information, watch Paris's full interview.

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