Drug round-up leads to more than a dozen of arrests

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Multiple people were arrested Wednesday in an early morning drug bust in Franklin County. It's all part of the Franklin County Sheriff's Office anti-drug campaign, which started earlier this month. We rode along with Sheriff A.J. Smith during the round-up.

FCSO wants people to know they don't "meth around." FCSO was out, along with Apalachicola and Carabelle Police Departments, arresting more than a dozen people on drug charges.

"The individuals that we had today have been repeat offenders, all repeat offenders. Most of them are addicts, a lot with drug sales. I've dealt with almost every single one of the individuals we arrested today," said Lt. Lt. Ronnie Jones of Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

"Most of them are repeat offenders, they've been arrested at least once, twice, for sale of meth or other dangerous drugs," said Sheriff Smith.

Sheriff Smith tells us he believes there's a drug epidemic across the country and he wants to put away those in his county who use and abuse drugs.

"These are people who we really need to get off the street who we really need to be locked up," said Sheriff Smith.

Sheriff Smith says the county-wide drug sweep was much needed.

"They're kind of the worst of the worst because they have been doing this over and over and they haven't learned their lesson each time," said Sheriff Smith.

According to Sheriff Smith, one of the people arrested in the round-up, Michael Creek, will be facing federal drug charges.

FCSO's "We Don't Meth Around" campaign also includes sheriff's deputies going to local schools to talk about the dangers of drugs and show them videos of former meth addicts talking about overcoming addiction.