Earthquakes reported near the Florida-Alabama border

Published: Mar. 26, 2019 at 4:14 PM CDT
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After learning about reports of earthquakes near the Florida-Alabama border, some are concerned about what this means for the area.

The handful of earthquakes have reportedly been weak in magnitude. We sat down with Professor Jamie Webb, who teaches natural sciences at Gulf Coast State College, to get his perspective on the quakes.

He said while the area around the border doesn't get earthquakes like California, it is seismically active. Webb explained the area is also known as the Bahama Fracture Zone, meaning that earthquakes can happen there.

He also said the area has an oil deposit known as the Jay Fields. While it is possible to feel an earthquake because of oil extraction, he believes it's too early to confirm if that's what's causing the earthquakes.

Webb said it would take much more research to determine if oil drilling is the cause.

"The likelihood is this is just a natural earth process, but if there are any other contributing factors, it would take a long time before that conclusion could be drawn, but at this point, I think it's way too early to say there's anything other than just natural earth processes taking place," Webb explained.

At this time, Webb said he doesn't see any indication of the quakes becoming larger in magnitude or more frequent, but he said it is possible more could occur.

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