Environmentalists call on Governor to act on climate change

Published: Apr. 22, 2019 at 10:18 PM CDT
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Arguing that Florida is the state most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, a coalition of environmental groups calling itself Florida Clean Energy for All has sent a letter asking the Governor to take real steps to reduce greenhouse gases.

Calling Ron DeSantis the most powerful voice in Florida, they want him, “to take immediate and decisive action to accelerate the pace of Florida’s transition to a clean-energy economy.”

Susan Glickman says the state could win on two fronts if it greatly expanded solar.

“And one point we make in the letters is that about $50 billion a year goes out of state, out of Florida, other places to bring in fuel from elsewhere. So if we keep those energy dollars here in the state, not only can we avoid the worst impacts of climate change, but we can create high paying jobs here at home and keep those energy dollars working here in our local communities,” said Glickman.

The letter calls the threat to Florida agriculture and tourism “dire”.