Eroding hole in Liberty County causing concerns

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LIBERTY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A steady flow of people has come to check out a hole on Virginia Weaver Street in Bristol caused by erosion after Hurricane Michael.

"There was a natural ravine that ran through here and there was a hole that developed far back on the property that wasn't endangering anything," Bristol City Clerk Robin Hatcher said.

Each time it rains, the hole gets wider. It's currently longer than a football field and about 50 feet deep.

"It came from far back on the property, up to the edge of the roadway and has encroached on this housing authority property," Hatcher said.

Officials said they're concerned about the cemetery located just a few feet away from the road.

"It has washed half of the roadway out, but this past week the rain has eroded underneath the remaining asphalt probably two-thirds of the way," Hatcher said.

The City of Bristol has received a grant to start work on the hole this week. It's supposed to take about two weeks to complete.

"If necessary we know we can extend that out to 20 days, but we are hopeful to have it completed within the 15-day timeline," Hatcher said.

As the hole grows at an unpredictable rate, safety remains a big concern.

The apartments closest to the hole have been evacuated. People are asked to stay behind the barricades.

City officials said they're also in the process of looking for a contractor to repair the road after the hole project is complete.