FDOT officials share plans for final phase of Highway 390 widening project

Published: Mar. 12, 2019 at 10:37 PM CDT
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Highway 390 is one of the most traveled roads in Bay County, therefore it makes sense for the Florida Department of Transportation to continue widening it.

Ian Satter with the FDOT said they're widening the two-lane highway into six lanes. He said they're currently expanding the stretch from 23rd Street to Highway 77, and the next phase will be the final section of the project.

"Oh, it's bad! I'm like six blocks down from Highway 77 and on any given morning, traffic will be backed up to that full six-block span," said Bay County resident Willie Cromartie.

"Congestion is a concern on 390, especially in the area from [highways] 77 to 231," said Satter. "We want to have that connectivity. We want to make sure that traffic can continue to flow. It'll reduce congestion and improve safety."

Satter said they'll also add new features to the roadway.

"Some of the other features that people will really look to and enjoy is the fact that we'll be adding sidewalks and bicycle lanes to the roadway as well," said Satter.

During their meeting Tuesday, the public shared their opinions and concerns about the plans.

"Obviously, we're going to be impacting the areas that they [the public] live and work in," said Satter. "We want to make sure we're working with them as a partner so they understand the entire process what we're working through and how we can accommodate their needs as we move forward."

Satter said the department is still in the planning stage of the final phase. They don't have a date yet as to when construction will begin.