FSU life one month after Pi Kappa Phi pledge dies

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CAPITOL NEWS DESK) - Twenty-year-old Pi Kappa Phi pledge Andrew Coffey died November third, at an off campus fraternity party. The Tallahassee Police Department says results of a toxicology report have yet to be released.

No arrests have been made. The department is still in the process of interviewing at least 50 people.

Officer Dave Northway with the Tallahasee Police Department saId,“And that is simply what's taking the time is that we have to go through each and every person, because if this was your loved one or family member you would not want us to stop at 22, because 23 may have the most important information in the case.”

The Pi Kappa Phi chapter at FSU was permanently closed following the death.

The university moved to suspend all Greek Life following the death. Some students on campus say they’ve noticed a change in the atmosphere here over the past month.

Some students say the ban has made a positive impact on the campus.

FSU student Ariel Baron from Fort Lauderdale says, “It just seems to be a little bit less tense. A little less like, it always seem like someone was trying to hid something I guess.”

Others say they miss the charitable side of Greek Life.

Student Sam Morrison from New Smyrna Beach stated, “I think that's more the thing than the actual drink ban.”

At least one student tells us FSU’s partying habits remain unchanged. Student’s have simply had to find new venues.

FSU Student Sonja Mihailnovic says, “Just the lack of fraternity parties. There's just a couple more house parties, a couple more [people] going out.”

FSU tells us talks between the university and Greek Life are on-going. They’re working on programs, policies and procedures that the university can create and implement to prevent future deaths. The goal is to announce those policies sometime next semester.