FSU student committee works to remove statue of school's founder

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WTVY) - A statue won't be sitting on FSU much longer if a group of students gets its way, who have protested the monument to school founder Francis Eppes.

Students for a Democratic Society and other student groups have been rallying for the removal of the Eppes statue for a while.

FSU has formed the "President's Advisory Panel on university namings and recognition"

The group holding its first panel discussion Tuesday and members are charged with reviewing current statue and building names.

Some students say those named after slave-owners do not align with the university's mission statement and creed.

"I was talking to a woman this weekend. She was saying her roots were in this community, were in Tallahassee for generations back. I told her, did you know about this statue nonsense. She was like, I'm not surprised. That's kind of upsetting to me. People shouldn't be not surprised when Tallahassee does something racist. We should be outraged," FSU student, Cea Moline.

The panel's goal is to examine current policies and make a recommendation to the board of trustees and the university president.

The 15 member panel is made up of FSU students, faculty, staff, and alumni.