Firefighters want you to close doors when you're sleeping

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - When firefighters show up to extinguish a fire, they make sure they're doing it in the safest way possible.

Firefighters show how the flow of fire works when doors are open or closed. (WJHG/WECP)

But now they're bringing the heat to Panama City Fire Department's Station One, by using dollhouses to study how flames burn.

"We did it with the intent of getting some fire behavior training, learning what the fire does before we get there learning what the fire does while we're there," said Lieutenant Roy Albright with Panama City Fire Department.

They're using these dollhouses for public education, and they're pushing out a message. Close before you doze.

"By closing that door, you're cutting that movement out of the fire. The fire's not able to get in there because it senses there's no opening in that room, so it's gonna seek another opening, it's gonna go away from where you are," said Albright.

In today's homes, furnishings and building materials are using a lot of items that can help spread fire faster.

"These materials that are being built and that are in our homes, they're reaching flashover from the time of ignition to roughly five to seven minutes. Versus the old legacy material as we refer to it as you had upwards of 30 minutes before that happened," said Albright.

A flashover is when the smoke is so hot it ignites.

Firefighters say closing doors and minimizing oxygen to the flames is extremely important, and it can help shorten the fires life span.

"It'll help us not only save potential victims but also save more property and keep us a little bit more safer as well," said Albright.

They also say it's best to set a meeting spot with your family in case of a fire.

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