Five Guys supports employees after Hurricane Michael

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) - "If it wasn't for Five Guys, me and my family would have probably had to relocate," Five Guys Pier Park General Manager, Alejandro Santiago said.

Five Guys in Panama City may have been closed for months following Hurricane Michael, but employees had the company's support in other ways.

"We have been trying to help people get their lives back together, trying to get some normalcy going again, trying to help relieve some of their stress," Santiago said.

"They put me in a hotel room for about four months, and that one of the district managers paid my first month's rent for my apartment, so they helped out pretty good giving us gift cards," Five Guys employee Wendell Hockaday said.

"For me, they direct deposited us money when we really needed it, they matched our last check, which was really helpful," Five Guys Shift Manager Andrew Cho said.

The District Manager, Jennifer Emory says it's in the company's nature to support its employees.

"Five Guys is very family-orientated, everyone hopped right in, it was really nice for a company to embrace us and really put their arms around us," Emory said.

Employees who were able to stay in the area were allowed to work at the location at the beach while the one in town got repaired.

"We missed work for very little time and for the time we did miss work, they matched our checks and helped us out when we needed it. Hotel reservations, they did a lot," Cho said.

An example of a company going out of its way to show appreciation and support to the people that help make their business successful.

"I think it's just the family aspect, just doing the right thing, and that's what it is," Emory said.

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