Florida COVID-19 cases surpass 70,000 in latest update

Published: Jun. 12, 2020 at 3:24 PM CDT
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The Florida Department of Health has released the latest coronavirus COVID-19 numbers for Friday.

Florida has 70,971 cases reported, 69,341 are Floridians and 1,630 are not Florida residents.

Health officials say 2,877 people have died from the virus in the state.

Bay County is reporting 139 cases. This includes 133 residents and six non-residents. Their ages range from 2 to 93 years-old. Four people have died from the virus and 16 people have been hospitalized.

Okaloosa County is reporting 312 cases. This includes 303 residents, one Floridian in another state, and eight non-residents. Their ages range from 0 to 96 years-old. Six people have died from the virus and 45 people have had to be hospitalized.

Walton County is reporting 145 cases. 127 of the cases are residents and 18 are not from Florida. Their ages range between 1 to 101 years-old. Nine deaths from the virus has been reported and 22 people have had to be hospitalized. Walton Academy for Growth and Change is also reporting a case of COVID-19 at its facility, saying it is a staff member.

Washington County is reporting 87 cases. 85 are residents and two are non-residents. Their ages range between 9 to 99 years-old. 18 people have been hospitalized and nine people have died in the county.

Holmes County has 31 cases. There are 30 residents and one is a non-resident. Ages range between 16 months and 79 years-old. There has been one hospitalization in Holmes County reported.

Jackson County is reporting 316 cases. There are 307 local cases and nine are non-Florida residents. The cases range from 0 to 87 years-old. There have been 20 people hospitalized and one death has been reported.

Calhoun County is reporting 65 cases, all are local. The ages range from 20 to 99 years-old. There has been five deaths reported. Officials say six people have been hospitalized for the virus.

Gulf County is reporting eight cases. There are seven residents and one non-resident. The ages range from 9 to 66 years-old. There have been no deaths and one hospitalizations in Gulf County reported.

Franklin County is reporting two cases. Health officials say one person is a 25 year-old woman from New York and the other is a 60 year-old woman who is a resident.

Liberty County is reporting 218 cases of COVID-19. All 218 are residents. The ages range from 20 to 73 years-old. One has been hospitalized from the virus in this county and one person has died.

To keep up with the latest numbers and statistics coming from the Florida Health Department, visit the state's


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