Florida law requires 'In God We Trust' to be displayed in public schools statewide

Published: Aug. 1, 2018 at 6:10 PM CDT
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You'll find it on the dollar, on license plates, and in a few weeks, you'll find these words on every public school campus in Florida: "In God We Trust."

It's Florid'a state motto, but now thanks to a new law passed, it's going to be required in all school districts.

After the legislation passed this year, school districts are required to have all schools and each building used by the district school board to display it.

According to the Florida Senate website, the original House Bill, 839, died in the Senate but passed as a companion bill under sweeping education bill House Bill 7055.

"In places where it isn't already present, simply posting the state seal meets the statutory requirements and so that's what we're in the process of, making sure that our state seal is in place at every school," Sharon Michalik, Director of Communications for Bay District Schools, explained.

While Rutherford High School is seeing some construction changes on campus, Principal Coy Pilson said this new law doesn't really bring major change.

"Prior to this law being passed, it was not an issue for me. I didn't really think about it. We display the state flag and we have state symbols all over campus," he said.

Not only did he say the motto could already be found on campus, it can be found in the surrounding community.

"It's on everything. It's on police cars, it's on license plates," he said.

For schools not displaying the motto already, district officials are helping out.

"Our media center is printing posters for schools that may not have it," Michalik said.

No matter if you agree or disagree with the new law, it's already on the books.