Florida lawmakers propose ban on conversion therapy on minors

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Capitol News Service) - Conversion therapy is a controversial practice which attempts to make LGBTQ individuals straight.

Florida lawmakers are proposing legislation that would ban state certified licensed mental health professionals from using the therapy on minors. Sponsors say conversion therapy has been discredited by most mental health organizations for being ineffective and causing mental and sometimes physical harm to those who it is used on.

Jose Vega was underwent the therapy for five years. He says it caused him to become depressed and even contemplate suicide.

“I mustered everything that I could to continue to fight and to move forward," Vega said. "I worked hard to dispel everything that was instilled in me for almost six years. Today I share my story that I import the dangers of conversion therapy. This practice is life altering. It shattered, it almost shattered my life.”

The practice has already been banned in nine states and in 15 municipalities in Florida.