Former Florida elected officials urge voters to reject CRC amendments

Published: Aug. 21, 2018 at 10:16 PM CDT
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Two of the 13 amendments slated for the November ballot have already been ordered removed by judges.

Now a group made up of former Florida elected officials calling itself ‘Save My Constitution’ is taking it one step further.

“Vote no on all CRC amendments,” former State Representative Jim Kallinger asked voters Tuesday.

The group says the eight amendments put on the ballot by the Constitution Revision Commission are misleading and force voters to accept controversial proposals in order to approve more popular ideas.

“When we see the voters of Florida being presented a multitude of confusing, misleading, and politically bundled constitutional amendments that were promoted by special interest groups we resolve to stop it,” said former Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp.

Seven of the amendments approved by the CRC are facing challenges in the courts, including one by a former state Supreme Court Justice that targets all but two of the amendments for bundling.

In response to the lawsuit, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi argues the constitution gives the commission authority to change multiple parts of the constitution in a single proposal.

Save My Constitution says it’s evidence the process itself is flawed.

“The Attorney General's assessment was probably correct and that in and of itself is probably the best argument that we can think of to the need for changing,” said former State Representative Don Brown.

The group hopes to convince lawmakers next legislative session to pass tighter restrictions on the CRC.

“Things like single subject, about bundling,” said Brown.

To change the CRC, though, would require not only legislative approval but also the approval of 60 percent of Florida voters in the form of a constitutional amendment.

The final decision in all of the legal challenges to the amendments will likely come from the state Supreme Court.