Fourteen districts sue state over Education Bill

Published: Oct. 19, 2017 at 5:51 PM CDT
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The list of districts suing the state over controversial House Bill 7049 has grown to 14.

Others are still considering joining the suit against the state.

"You have larger districts and you have smaller districts, so it's really a good representation of the school districts across Florida," said Andrea Messina, who is the Executive Director of Florida School Boards.

The new lawsuit includes two main objections: That the new law interferes with districts local control over how to spend tax dollars…

"At the expense of public schools being able to build up their infrastructure, repair their roofs," said Joanne McCall, president of the FEA.

Also, under the legislation some charters don't have to answer to local school boards, which districts say violates a constitutional requirement for all public schools to be uniform.

The lawsuit came just days before 11 low-performing schools in the state were approved for a $2,000 per-student funding boost through the same education legislation.

Fourteen additional schools have yet to be chosen for the funding boost. Education Advocates hope the lawsuit doesn't impact who's chosen.

The lawsuit elevates tensions between the state and school districts.

State lawmakers have already voiced opposition to the districts law suit, which could lead to greater scrutiny from lawmakers when they meet in January.

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